Could you spend less on your electricity?

Voltaware monitors your electricity consumption in real-time and provides actionable insights down to the appliance level.

Receive tailored tips & recommendations to increase your energy efficiency and unlock savings for your entire household.

AI is our core expertise

Voltaware’s AI algorithms detect the energy use of your appliances, such as washing machine or fridge & freezer, in real-time and splits them down to pounds and pence.

Automatic AI powered insights empower you to make enlightened energy-saving decisions, and as Voltaware collects more and more data from your home, our AI technology gets even better at detecting individual appliances.

We’re continually adding fresh updates from the cloud to give you new and even better features, so there’s no need to update your monitor because we do it for you.

Our Technology

Octopus Smart Energy Dashboard

Octopus Energy has integrated Voltaware’s energy insights into their Smart Energy Dashboard, allowing you to receive advanced energy insights.

Half-hourly breakdown

By understanding and adjusting your energy use at peak times, you can gain even more value if you are on smart tariffs like Agile Octopus or Octopus Go.

Real-time Monitoring

Voltaware constantly tracks your energy use at home so you can always keep an eye on your costs, and monitor your progress over time.

Sync Voltaware with Octopus

Voltaware Mobile app

Gain superior visibility over your home’s energy use, identify inefficient appliances, unlock savings, and more, with the Voltaware Home mobile app. 

Real-time monitoring

Find out how much energy each appliance is using in your home right now. And track your spend by cost and kWh from anywhere, anytime.

Daily & monthly snapshots

Monitor all your appliances' energy costs and consumption in either a daily or a monthly view.

Personalised energy advice

Monthly bills show your home's cost for each appliance and includes tailored tips to optimise your spending, as well as your carbon footprint results.

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