The sensor should be installed by a qualified electrician. We provide a recommended installer for the UK below:

Company: OrderWork Limited

Coverage: England only

Cost: £125 incl. VAT approx.

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Sensor Compatibility

Make sure you are compatible with Single-Phase Voltaware


Single-Phase systems use one alternating current to power your home. If your electric panel looks like the one shown, you need a Voltaware Single-Phase sensor.

single-phase tech specifications

Three-Phase fuse boxes are incompatible with Single-Phase Voltaware sensors. If you have this electric panel, our Single-Phase sensor will not be appropriate for your home.

Homes Equipped With Solar and Batteries

Voltaware is compliant with homes that have solar technologies provided that their installation is compliant with Voltaware.

For accurate energy insights, solar production must be introduced to your circuit before the Voltaware monitor.

Accurate insights will not be possible when solar energy is fed directly into the same consumer unit as the Voltaware device.

Installing Voltaware

Although Voltaware’s installation seems straightforward, it must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Patented magnetic connectors attach to the circuit breaker to sample voltage, while the clamp simply clips over the mains line to monitor current.

The device is DIN rail mountable, meaning no cluttered consumer unit, and requires a local WiFi network.