The unique new way to save on energy costs

Voltaware and Octopus join forces to give greater awareness of your energy use, and to unlock savings.

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Single-Phase Sensor Kit

50A Clamp


24 month cloud service included*
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What's in it for you?

  • Real-time monitoring

    See how much energy your appliances are using right now. Track your spend by cost and kWh from anywhere.

  • Energy efficiency

    Monitor all your appliances' energy costs and consumption in either a daily or a monthly view.


    Smart bills

    Tailored monthly bills show your home's cost for each appliance and includes tips to optimise your spending.

How it Works

  • 1. Check your compatibility

  • 2. Order a Voltaware Sensor

  • 3. Install Voltaware

  • 4. Setup Voltaware

  • 5. Receive energy insights

  • 6. Connect to Smart Energy

Small & Powerful

Whole Home Monitoring: 

One Voltaware device monitors your entire home. Our AI technology gives a detailed breakdown of your energy cost with at-a-glance data on your individual appliance use.

5 Minute Installation:

Voltaware can be installed in 5 minutes into your electrical fusebox by a certified electrician.

Integrated with Octopus

You will be able to receive real-time energy insights directly from your Octopus Smart Energy Dashboard.

How do I Install Voltaware?